Construction General Permit Order 2009-0009-DWQ.
Construction activity subject to this permit includes clearing, grading and disturbances to the ground such as stockpiling, or excavation, but does not include regular maintenance activities performed to restore the original line, grade, or capacity of the facility. The Construction General Permit requires the development and implementation of a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP). The SWPPP should contain a site map(s) which shows the construction site perimeter, existing and proposed buildings, lots, roadways, storm water collection and discharge points, general topography both before and after construction, and drainage patterns across the project. The SWPPP must list Best Management Practices (BMPs) the discharger will use to protect storm water runoff and the placement of those BMPs. Additionally, the SWPPP must contain a visual monitoring program; a chemical monitoring program for “non-visible” pollutants to be implemented if there is a failure of BMPs; and a sediment monitoring plan if the site discharges directly to a water body listed on the 303(d) list for sediment.

Construction General Permit – Post-Construction Notification (July 2012)

2012 Proposed Construction General Permit Amendments
State Water Board revisions to the March 30, 2012 Proposed Construction General Permit Amendments, in addition to Responses to Comments on the March 30 Proposed Amendments document posted below.

Revised Proposed Amendments to Order No. 2009-0009-DWQ as Modified by 2010-0014-DWQ – June 25, 2012

Construction General Permit – Proposed NEL Amendments Incorporated – June 25, 2012

Proposed Amendments to Order No. 2009-0009-DWQ as Modified by 2010-0014-DWQ – March 30, 2012

Notice – Comment deadline is May 14, 2012 by Noon

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2009-0009 DWQ General Permit – Frequently Asked Questions

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The new Industrial General Permit (IGP) goes into effect July 1, 2015 and will replace the current permit. The IGP requires electronic applications and reporting

New NPDES Industrial General Permit (2014-0057-DWQ).

No-Exposure Certification (NEC) Brochure (English) | No-Exposure Certification (NEC) Brochure (Spanish)
If the facility activities and materials are not exposed to storm water then they may qualify for the NEC which allows for a reduction in monitoring and storm water permit requirements.

To Do List (English) | To Do List (Spanish)
This To Do list is designed to help introduce businesses to the new permit guidelines and regulations.

YOUTUBE Video: State Water Resources Control Board presentation on Standard Industrial Classification Codes (SIC) codes

The proposed final Phase II Small MS4 General Permit was adopted at the February 5, 2013 Board Meeting with the changes and additional minor revisions.
Change Sheet # 1

2012 Revised Draft Phase II Small MS4 General Permit
Proposed Final Order
Revised Public Notice


Low Impact Development

Assembly Bill 739 Storm Water Advisory Task Force

The Feasibility of Numeric Effluent Limits Applicable to Storm Water Discharges